New Compilers, IDEs, and Runtimes, Oh My

October 5, 2022

Keeping up with C++, Delphi, Java, .NET, Swift, Visual Studio, RAD Studio, Android Studio, and Xcode

Continuous integration/continuous delivery, known as CI/CD, ensures we are constantly drowned in new compilers, IDEs, and runtimes.

The good news is that we are armed to be more responsive and agile in our development and delivery efforts. The bad news is we have to proceed with eyes wide open. If you have dealt with new features like nullable in C# or deprecations in Java, you understand.

We recently tripped over C++ runtime changes as a result moving to new build environments that included new compilers and runtimes. See our most recent problem reports.

Fortunately, since our application samples are simple illustrations, they have survived the latest round of compiler, IDE, and runtime enhancements. Review the list of sample apps in Knowledge Base article H072201 and explore the code for your favorite IDE installed under Documents\Chant.

For your production applications, contact us to help you with these updated programming languages and environments and discuss how you can benefit with our latest releases.