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New Does Not Mean It Costs More
Chant Developer Workbench 2024 new license price drops to the renewal price.

Know What Works Before Coding Apps
Chant Developer Workbench enables development, testing, and validation to accelerate app coding.

You Can Have a V-8, .NET that is
Develop .NET 8 apps that speak and listen with new .NET 8 Chant assemblies.

RIP Java 20, Viva Java 21
Java 20 was short-lived but Java 21 is an LTS release.

RAD Studio 12 is Easy-Peasy
Latest C++Builder and Delphi releases in RAD Studio 12 are easy to adopt.

SSML Easier for 466 Voices in 149 Languages
VoiceMarkupKit IntelliPrompt simplifies generating and editing Azure Speech SSML.

Product Updates Giveth and Taketh Away
RAD Studio 12, Java 20, .NET 8 release a wave of updates and deprecations.

AI Top of Mind for Most Developers
So far, AI is taking an early lead in the 2024 survey.

Software Development Perspectives and Priorities for 2024
Take a brief multiple-choice question survey and shape the future.

Enrich Global Apps with Azure Speech SSML
Microsoft Azure Speech SSML document editing and generation now available with VoiceMarkupKit..

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