Problem Report Bulletins

Last reviewed: 11/16/2015

Article ID: P111502

PRB: Unable to set topic for training and transcription

The information in this article applies to:

  • ProfileKit 5
  • SpeechKit 8


Unable to set the topic for profile training and speech recognition transcription.


ProfileKit dictation training uses the default dictionary rather than the topic set via ChantTrainingProperty CTPTrainingDictationVocab.

nChantProfile.SetTrainingProperty(ChantTrainingProperty.CTPTrainingDictationVocab, "medicalterms");

SpeechKit transcriptions using ChantSR SpeechToText were using the default dictation vocabulary object but now the grammars parameter can be either grammars or dictation topics names.

// Instantiate ChantSR object
NChantSR1 = new NChantSR();

// Set license and serials properties

// Transcribe audio file
NChantSR1.SpeechToText("myinaudiofile.wav", 0 ChantRecordingObject.CROFile, ChantAudioFormat.CAFDefault, "Microsoft Speech Recognizer 8.0 for Windows (English - US)", "Default Speech Profile", "medicalterms", "mytranscription.txt", ChantRecordingResult.CRRFile, ChantRecognitionFormat.CRFText, ChantRecordingStyle.CRSAsynchronous);


Fixed in ProfileKit 5 build and SpeechKit build

Component Formats Impacted

All formats.