Removing microphone headset while recognizing causes VoCon crash

Last reviewed: 11/30/2010

PRB Article ID: P111009

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 6


Removing microphone headset causes VoCon application crash if the application has recognition resources (i.e., vocabularies or commands) enabled.


The audio processor (audioin.dll) throws null pointers when the microphone device is removed causing the VoCon audio access functions to crash.


The audio processor failure is now trapped and a CCSAudioStop event is fired with Reason property set to CARInactive. The application should disable any enabled resources. Then enable them once the microphone headset is restored.

The ChantAudio class has events CCSDeviceArrival and CCSDeviceRemoved for detecting USB device arrival and removal.

Fixed in SpeechKit build

Component Formats Impacted

All component formats.