Cross-platform sample build fails in RAD Studio 11.3 with unresolved references

Last reviewed: 5/17/2023

PRB Article ID: P052305

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 12


Building cross-platform Delphi and C++Builder apps targeting Android in RAD Studio 11.3 fail to link because of unresolved references.


RAD Studio 11.3 changes the default required SysJars as follows:

  • (new) activity-1.1.0.dex.jar
  • (new) appcompat-1.2.0.dex.jar
  • (new) appcompat-resources-1.2.0.dex.jar
  • (new) biometric-1.1.0.dex.jar
  • (updated) fragment-1.2.5.dex.jar vs. fragment-1.0.0.dex.jar
  • (updated) lifecycle-runtime-2.2.0.dex.jar vs lifecycle-runtime-2.0.0.dex.jar
  • (updated) lifecycle-viewmodel-2.2.0.dex.jar vs lifecycle-service-2.0.0.dex.jar
  • (new) lifecycle-viewmodel-savedstate-2.2.0.dex.jar
  • (new) savedstate-1.0.0.dex.jar
  • (new) vectordrawable-1.1.0.dex.jar
  • (new) vectordrawable-animated-1.1.0.dex.jar


Sample projects updated in Chant Developer Workbench 2023 build

Component Formats Impacted