Deploying Web applications on Windows Mobile and CE platforms

Last reviewed: 12/7/2010

HOW Article ID: H121001

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 6


New Chant WinCE Web component library enables Windows Mobile and CE web applications to speak and listen.

More Information

Now developers have the ability to quickly and easily add speech recognition and speech synthesis (text-to-speech) capabilities to web application running under Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) on Windows Mobile and CE Platforms. The new Chant SpeechKit Web WinCE edition provides common application interface for Cepstral, Microsoft, and Nuance WinCE speech technologies.

Speech APIs supported include Cepstral SWIFT, Microsoft SAPI 5, Nuance RealSpeak Solo, Nuance Vocalizer Automotive and Mobile, and Nuance VoCon 3200 V2 and V3.

Pocket IE Javascript is different from Win32 and Win64 IE Javascript. The following summarizes the adjustments you need to make to your HTML and Javascript for using the SpeechKit WinCE Web edition.

  1. Object declaration does not include cab file specification. You must preinstall the SpeechKit 6 WinCE Web component library DLL. The WinCE Web Deployment Edition includes the .DLL and .cab file for device installation
  2. Referencing the object in javascript is done with document.all['objectid'] rather than using document.getElementByID('objectid').
  3. When using Vocalizer Mobile, copy the vmobilev5_common.dll to the Windows folder to ensure it loads properly from the browser whent the API is loaded.
  4. When using VoCon 3200 V2, copy vocon3200g2penu.dll and vocon3200rsrc.dll to the Windows folder to ensure it loads properly from the browser whent the API is loaded.

See the recognition and synthesis samples in the SpeechKit 6 WinCE Developer Edition for more information.

WinCE Developer Edition License

WinCE Developer Edition includes ActiveX, CDLL, .NET Framework, and Web component library formats to support all your programming languages and provides sample projects for popular IDEs. Developers with current WinCE Developer Edition license may download and use the new Web component library with their current license.

WinCE Deployment Edition License

WinCE Deployment Editions are licensed separately in ActiveX, C-DLL, .NET Framework, and Web component library formats.

Chant Developer Workbench License

WinCE Editions are included in Chant Developer Workbench license. Developers with current CDW license may download and unlock WinCE editions with their current license.