Developing Mobile applications that manage lexicons

Last reviewed: 12/2/2009

HOW Article ID: H120908

The information in this article applies to:

  • LexiconKit 3


Integrate application ready components that enable mobile applications to manage lexicons.

With LexiconKit 3, libraries and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 samples are included for accelerating your mobile application development.

More Information

LexiconKit component libraries are packaged to accelerate application development for PocketPC 2003 4.x, Windows Mobile 5, and Windows Mobile 6 environments. For additional platform support, please contact product support.

In addition, LexiconKit 3 WinCE Developer Edition is included with the Chant Developer Workbench license bundle.

Get started with LexiconKit 3 for your Mobile applications:

  • Download LexiconKit 3 WinCE Developer Edition.
  • Install LexiconKit 3 WinCE Developer Edition on your desktop system to which your device is attached.
  • Run the setupwcearm4.exe to install the utility to unlock your component libraries on the device.
  • Run the setuplxkwcearm4.exe to copy and register the .NET and ActiveX component libraries on your device.
  • Run the Program Files\Chant\chantsv.exe utility to unlock your component libraries and display your evaluation period.
  • Compile and run the samples provided for your development IDE.
  • Refer to the LexiconKit 3 documentation for detailed information about configuration and programming with the component libraries.