Determining lexicon management feature support

Last reviewed: 12/2/2009

HOW Article ID: H120901

The information in this article applies to:

  • LexiconKit 3


The LexiconKit ChantLM component provides common features across the various speech APIs, a unified way to manage lexicons.

In LexiconKit 3, there is a simple way to verify the features you want to use are supported by a recognizer or voice. An API column has been added to the class, method, event, property, and enumeration constant documentation tables. This column displays images representing the various speech engines APIs for quick visual verification.

Microsoft SAPI 4 Speech RecognitionMicrosoft SAPI 5 Speech RecognitionNuance VoCon 3200 Cepstral SwiftMicrosoft SAPI 4 Text-to-SpeechMicrosoft SAPI 5 Text-to-SpeechNuance Vocalizer Text-to-Speech (Automotive, Mobile, and Network)Nuance Vocalizer for AutomotiveNuance Vocalizer for MobileNuance Vocalizer for Network

More Information

The LexiconKit ChantLM component provides lexicon management that is consistent across the various SDKs even though the speech APIs vary greatly.

If you have a enhancement requirement that you would like to see in LexiconKit, please contact product support.