Tailoring and testing UWP speech synthesis markup

Last reviewed: 11/1/2016

HOW Article ID: H111603

The information in this article applies to:

  • Chant Developer Workbench 2016 (UWP)
  • VoiceMarkupKit 5
  • SpeechKit 8


VoiceMarkupKit 5 provides support for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications.

More Information

Within the Chant Developer Workbench (UWP) IDE, VoiceMarkupKit enables you to:

  • Edit W3C Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) faster with built-in intelliprompt that suggest valid markup syntax;
  • Automatic syntax checking displays visual cues and syntax error messages in the Error window; Click on the error to take you to the location of it in the document window; and
  • Playback text-to-speech markup with a click of the button; Highlight specific text or playback the entire document.

Grammar Editing