Managing recognition state with SetMicOn

Last reviewed: 7/15/2011

HOW Article ID: H071132

The information in this article applies to:

  • SpeechKit 7


If you want to stop recognizing temporarily without having to disable vocabularies, use the SetMicOn method.

More Information

The SetMicOn method provides a fast way to pause and resume speech recognition. With SpeechKit 7, a new optimization has been added to allow SetMicOn to serve as a master switch for toggling recognition state.

If your application has several grammars or you are defining command resources that dynamically add voice commands to the internal voice command vocabulary, then consider using SetMicOn to enable all active vocabularies at the same time instead of incrementally.

To take advantage of this runtime optimization, simply turn off the microphone SetMicOn(False), enable grammars and command resources, then turn on the microphone SetMicOn(True).