Testing Mobile applications

Last reviewed: 7/15/2011

HOW Article ID: H071114

The information in this article applies to:

  • Developer Workbench 2011
  • GrammarKit 4
  • LexiconKit 4
  • ProfileKit 4
  • SpeechKit 7
  • VoiceMarkupKit 4


Chant Developer Workbench 2011 introduces a new Development and Testing Environment for Windows Mobile platforms.

More Information

Before developing and testing Windows Mobile applications that speak and listen, you may want to install the Chant Developer Workbench on your Windows Mobile device to test grammars, profiles, lexicons, recognizers, synthesizers, and text-to-speech markup interactively.

Product Installation

There are 3 different methods for installing the Chant Developer Workbench on your Windows Mobile device:

  1. Run the setupwcearm4.exe setup utility to install the Chant Developer Workbench on your mobile device from your desktop system.
  2. Copy the CDW2011WCEARM4.cab file to the device and double click on the device to install.
  3. Copy the following files to your device:
    1. c:\Program Files\Chant\Developer Workbench 2011\WinCE\cdw.exe
    2. c:\Program Files\Chant\Developer Workbench 2011\WinCE\Chant.DeveloperWorkbench.ApplicationView.dll
    3. c:\Program Files\Chant\Developer Workbench 2011\WinCE\Chant.DeveloperWorkbench.ApplicationView.GrammarKit.dll
    4. c:\Program Files\Chant\Developer Workbench 2011\WinCE\Chant.DeveloperWorkbench.ApplicationView.LexiconKit.dll
    5. c:\Program Files\Chant\Developer Workbench 2011\WinCE\Chant.DeveloperWorkbench.ApplicationView.ProfileKit.dll
    6. c:\Program Files\Chant\Developer Workbench 2011\WinCE\Chant.DeveloperWorkbench.ApplicationView.SpeechKit.dll
    7. c:\Program Files\Chant\Developer Workbench 2011\WinCE\Chant.DeveloperWorkbench.ApplicationView.VoiceMarkupKit.dll
    8. c:\Program Files\Chant\GrammarKit 4\WinCE\NET\bin\NGrammarKitWCEARM4.dll (register as COM library)
    9. c:\Program Files\Chant\LexiconKit 4\WinCE\NET\bin\NLexiconKitWCEARM4.dll (register as COM library)
    10. c:\Program Files\Chant\ProfileKit 4\WinCE\NET\bin\NProfileKitWCEARM4.dll (register as COM library)
    11. c:\Program Files\Chant\SpeechKit 7\WinCE\NET\bin\NSpeechKitWCEARM4.dll (register as COM library)
    12. c:\Program Files\Chant\VoiceMarkupKit 4\WinCE\NET\bin\NVoiceMarkupKitWCEARM4.dll (register as COM library).