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Last reviewed: 6/25/2024

HOW Article ID: H062402

The information in this article applies to:

  • AudioSearch 5
  • Developer Workbench 2024
  • GrammarKit 10
  • KinesicsKit 8
  • LexiconKit 10
  • ProfileKit 10
  • SpeechKit 13
  • SpeechManager 4
  • Talk&Listen 5
  • VoiceMarkupKit 10
  • VoiceXMLKit 7


Easier access to product information and posting questions online.

More Information

The Chant product documentation originated in an HTML Help file that could be launched from the Developer Workbench. Then, there was the industry push to format documentation in Markdown and publish online. Even though there are markup editors galore, unfortunately there is a dearth of publishing and rendering options for deployments. Developing and managing custom implementations for web deployments was not a cost-effective solution.

Coming full circle, Chant product documentation is back in HTML format with the latest CSS that enables optimal access from any screen size.

Product Guides are available for each product:

  • AudioSearch - Search audio recordings for specific utterances.
  • Developer Workbench - Develop speech recognition grammars, voice markup, lexicons, VoiceXML, and test speech technologies.
  • GrammarKit - Develop and optimize speech recognition grammars.
  • KinesicsKit - Detect and analyze movement.
  • LexiconKit - Adjust pronunciations for recognition and synthesis.
  • ProfileKit - Manage speaker profiles for recognition.
  • SpeechKit - Develop apps that speak and listen.
  • SpeechManager - Develop apps that use a queue manager for transcription and synthesis requests.
  • Talk&Listen - Develop apps with simple speak and recognition capabilities.
  • VoiceMarkupKit - Fine tune synthesized speech.
  • VoiceXMLKit - Develop interactive conversations with VoiceXML.