Developing applications with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 16 in Developer Workbench 2023

Last reviewed: 3/31/2023

HOW Article ID: H032306

The information in this article applies to:

  • Chant Developer Workbench 2023
  • ProfileKit 9
  • SpeechKit 12


Chant Developer Workbench supports recognizing speech and administrating users with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 16.

More Information

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is recognized world-wide as a powerful speech technology for recognizing speech and also administrating users to ensure the most accurate results. Version 16 now adds support for Windows 11 features.

Chant Developer Workbench supports application development and testing with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Applications can easily integrate command and dictation (continuous) recognition capabilities and administrate users. See the section Managing Recognizers for details of recognizing speech with Dragon NaturallySpeaking interactively.

Selecting Dragon NaturallySpeaking within the Developer Workbench is easy for Speaker Profiles and Speech Recognizer browsers. Select Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking from the Speech API dropdown list and the applicable engine (language) from the Speech Recognizers dropdown list.

For applications to integrate Dragon NaturallySpeaking, use the CreateDgnRecognizer to instantiate a DgnRecognizer object. See the section Recognizer and Synthesizer Installation Dragon NaturallySpeaking (x86 and x64) for code example.

Recognizing command and dictation (continuous) speech is easy with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Applications may use the command and dictation vocabularies to manage the listening context. See the section Vocabularies for details. Review the section Recognizing Speech to see how easy it is to integrate Dragon NaturallySpeaking in application code.

Run the Command and Dictation samples to see Dragon NaturallySpeaking in action.

Administering Dragon NaturallySpeaking is done through dialogs. User management, vocabulary management, and engine management is done through dialogs and wizards. These can be analyzed with the Speaker Profiles browser. See the section Managing Speaker Profiles for details of launching Dragon NaturallySpeaking dialogs to administrate users.

Applications can launch dialogs directly. Review the section Creating, Deleting, Training, and Persisting Profiles to see how easy it is to administrate users with Dragon NaturallySpeaking in application code.