What happened to the ChantSREngine class in ProfileKit?

Last reviewed: 9/10/2007

FAQ Article ID: F090705

Enumerating Speech Recognizers and Synthesized Voices

In the first release build of ProfileKit 2, the ChantSREngine class was available to enumerate recognizers for managing speaker profiles.

This class has now been replaced with a smaller ChantEngine class that is part of the Chant Developer Workbench class library that is shared across the Chant component libraries. The ChantEngine class was developed to reduced the number of of engine properties that are found on the SpeechKit ChantSREngine and ChantTTSEngine classes.

GrammarKit and ProfileKit can enumerate speech recognition engines with the ChantEngine class. VoiceMarkupKit can enumerate speech synthesis engines with the ChantEngine class. LexiconKit can enumerate both speech recognition and synthesis engiens with the ChantEngine class.

The smaller ChantEngine class reduces the amount of memory needed to manage and access speech engine properties. Applications that neeed detailed information about speech engines, should use SpeechKit components for engine enumeration.