Developer Workbench Release Notes

Last reviewed: 2/21/2022

FAQ Article ID: F072102

Knowledge Base reports addressed in this release:


F072101 What's new in Chant Developer Workbench 2021? ›


H072101 Developing applications with Visual Studio, RAD Studio, and JDK (Eclipse, NetBeans, et. al.) ›
H072102 Managing speech recognition directly with the recognizer ›
H072103 Managing listening context with speech recognition vocabularies ›
H072104 Managing speech synthesis directly with the synthesizer ›
H072105 Designing and testing speech recognition apps ›
H072106 Designing and testing speech synthesis apps ›
H072108 Developing applications with version-specific API support ›
H072109 Developing applications that do more with Acapela Speech Technology ›
H072110 Developing applications that do more with Cepstral Speech Technology ›
H072111 Developing applications that do more with CereProc Speech Technology ›
H072112 Developing applications that do more with Microsoft Speech and Natural User Interface (NUI) Technology ›
H072113 Developing applications that do more with Microsoft WindowsMedia Speech Technology ›
H072114 Voice enabling Android apps ›
H072115 Voice enabling iOS and macOS apps ›
H072116 Searching audio for specific words, phrases, and subphrases ›
H072117 Interacting with users for hands-free operation ›
H072118 Listening and speaking in different languages ›
H072119 Voice enabling C++Builder Android and iOS apps ›
H072120 Voice enabling Delphi Android and iOS apps ›
H072121 Fine-tuning speech recognition and synthesis with phonemes ›
H072122 Managing queued speech processing requests ›
H072123 Using properties and markup to control speech ›
H072124 Developing Windows Desktop applications that do more with Speech Technology ›
H072125 Naturalizing Text-To-Speech with Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) ›


P072101 Speech engines not enumerating in Developer Workbench ›
P072102 IntelliPrompt descriptions not displaying in Developer Workbench ›
P082101 Evaluation expired dialog displaying wrong product version ›
P082102 WindowsMedia voices not firing UI playback events ›
P092101 WindowsMedia voices not listed for VoiceMarkupKit editor ›
P102101 Hotkeys not appearing in Developer Workbench menu items ›
P122101 Java events throwing data type conversion exceptions ›
P122102 File name missing from AudioStop events ›
P012201 Java throwing JNI exceptions ›
P012202 Speech Manager uses available speech API ›

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