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Download and Evaluate Chant Developer Workbench

Download and run the installer. To evaluate Chant software, be sure to register for credentials required to run the software. See your support dashboard for additional help.

Step 1 - Download Chant Developer Workbench

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Step 2 - Register for evaluation credentials

The Chant Developer Workbench and class libraries will run for 30-days on your development system where you install the software. Evaluation credentials are required.

To generate evaluation credentials, you need an online support account with a valid email address. The same credentials will work for all class libraries.

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Step 3 – Install the software

Run the installer(s) you downloaded in Step 1. Review the license agreement. Follow the install wizard prompts to complete the installation.

Step 4 – Locate tools, components, documentation, and samples

Launch the Developer Workbench from the Chant\Developer Workbench 2023 start menu.

All class libraries and help files are installed to the default location Program Files\Chant\product name\platform.

The Chant Product Guides may be found online under Support/Documentation and viewed in a browser launched from the Developer Workbench Help->View Help menu item.

All sample application projects are installed to the default location Documents\Chant\product name\platform.

Step 5 – (Optional) Configure tools, components, and samples

Configure the Developer Workbench by updating the CDW Credentials property and speech SDK properties:

  1. Launch Chant Developer Workbench 2023 from the Chant\Developer Workbench 2023 start menu or run cdw.exe.
  2. Select the View-Options menu item.
  3. Click on the Credentials node and enter your evaluation credentials from Step 2 in CDW Credentials field.
  4. Optionally, click on the Environment Settings node and set paths to speech SDK libraries.

Configure the samples by setting the credentials property value before compiling and running.

Step 6 – Ask for Help

Support is available to you via phone, email, and web.

Chant Support contacts: Chant Support Contacts