Last reviewed: 2/25/2023

Tic Tac Toe Sample

Chant KinesicsKit includes a sample application that illustrates speech recognition using the sensor microphone. Look for the TicTacToe folder in the KinesicsKit sample projects.

Build and launch the TicTacToe sample application. You can play the game by speaking your square choices.

Chant Tic Tac Toe Sample

Play the tic tac toe game with the following steps:

  1. Once the game initialization prompt has finished speaking, say the square number followed by your player designation of X or O. The X player always goes first.
  2. The game will automatically recognize the game winner or that the game is a draw and start over. Say "OK" to dismiss the message box prompt.
  3. To end the game and exit the program, say "game over".
  4. To start a new game, say "begin game".