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Develop software that speaks and listens with Chant Developer Workbench 2023
Chant Developer Workbench

Chant Developer Workbench is a comprehensive development and testing environment comprised of tools and class libraries for building apps that speak and listen on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows platforms.

It includes GrammarKit, KinesicsKit, LexiconKit, ProfileKit, SpeechKit, VoiceMarkupKit, and VoiceXMLKit products and helper class libraries: Audio Search, Speech Manager, and Talk&Listen.

USD $999 »

Design grammars for optimal context-free speech recognition with GrammarKit 9
GrammarKit 9

Design grammars for high-performance recognition.

USD $499 »

Build humanlike interfaces for natural user experience with KinesicsKit 7
KinesicsKit 7

Track movement with humanlike interfaces for data processing and data entry.

USD $499 »

Manage lexicons for optimal recognition and synthesis with LexiconKit 9
LexiconKit 9

Tailor pronunciations for maximum clarity.

USD $499 »

Manage speaker profiles for optimal speech recognition with ProfileKit 9
ProfileKit 9

Administer speaker profiles for accurate recognition.

USD $499 »

Integrate speech recognition and speech synthesis with SpeechKit 12
SpeechKit 12

Integrate speech technology for hands-free operation.

USD $499 »

Fine tune speech synthesis using text markup with VoiceMarkupKit 9
VoiceMarkupKit 9

Fine-tune speech synthesis with text markup.

USD $499 »

Win over your audience with VoiceXMLKit 6
VoiceXMLKit 6

Win over your audience with enriched communications.

USD $499 »