Business-ready capabilties for deploying interactive technologies where needed.

Reaching your Goals with Chant Turnkey Solutions

Knowing what to do is as important as knowing how to do it. Chant works with its client to identify key capabilities unique to their industry and transforms these capabilities into strategic applications that yield competitive advantage. Learn how you can do both with the solution designed for your specific needs. Let us formulate a solution that addresses your requirements.

Advanced application technologies can help your organization gain competitive advantage and accomplish more in less time. Because developing interactive applications illuminates new design and implementation complexities, let us help you identify and implement the most attractive opportunities that increase customer profitability, raise employee productivity, and improve customer/supplier relationships.

Our Getting the World Talking with Technology® experts deliver uniquely strategic solutions appropriate for your company and industry. Here are some examples:

Proactive Expert Assistance

Financial service providers have been at the forefront of adopting technology to provide enhanced value and services for their customers.

For example, ATMs enable account transacting without needing a teller. Advances in online banking have extended some of those services to personal computers and phones allowing transacting virtually from anywhere.

Now interactive assistants are available to respond to your spoken queries to answer questions on demand.

Imagine the benefits of having your finances managed for you based on agreed-to frameworks.

Less work and effort required of both parties.

Operational Virtual Assistance

Overcrowded classrooms, budget deficits, sinking performance and graduation rates are making the headlines in many school districts.

Educators are frustrated with the lack of resources, challenging environments, and student apathy.

Curriculum overhauls and parent involvement have helped some districts steer to new paths of success.

Imagine expanding student workloads and enhancing educator productivity at the same time to yield improved student performance.

Technology can easily transform a constrained classroom into an unconstrained virtual classroom. For example, a simple lesson plan can be transformed in to self-study tutorial. Combined with exercises and research assignments, the student can use online resources to gain learning parity that is no longer constrained by lack of printed materials.

Online homework, testing, and scoring can be used to streamline increased volumes of student work and optimize grading and success monitoring. Students who need additional help can raise their hand online for assistance.

Dynamic Scheduling and Logistics

If you ever had an appliance, plumbing, or other type of home installation, repair, or inspection, then you are familiar with the many processes involved:

  • scheduling your appointment,
  • appointment confirmation and rescheduling, and
  • ensuring correct parts and equipment are available.

Imagine a streamlined way of managing the events and resources to optimize schedules and utilization.

Streamlining services though dynamic flexibility is the holy grail to maximize resource utilization matched with customer needs.