Essential Software for Interacting with Your Applications

Cut through the complexity of speech and natural user interface technology with Chant software.

Liberate the power of your applications by interacting with them. Your applications can be talking and tracking movement in a matter of minutes with Chant software.

Whether you develop desktop, server, or mobile applications, Chant software makes it easy to integrate speech and natural user interface technology.

Chant application-ready class libraries simplify using the SDKs from speech and natural user interface technology vendors Apple, Cepstral, CereProc, Google, Microsoft, and Nuance.

Chant software makes it easy to voice enable apps for your fast deployment including the Apple, Google, and Microsoft stores.

GrammarKit 7

Design grammars for high-performance recognition.

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KinesicsKit 5

Track movement with humanlike interfaces for data processing and data entry.

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LexiconKit 7

Tailor pronunciations for maximum clarity.

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ProfileKit 7

Administer speaker profiles for accurate recognition.

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SpeechKit 10

Integrate speech technology for hands-free operation.

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VoiceMarkupKit 7

Fine-tune speech synthesis with text markup.

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VoiceXMLKit 4

Win over your audience with enriched communications.

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Chant Developer Workbench

Interactive development and testing toolset.

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Chant Audio Search 2

Application Helper for searching recorded speech.

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Chant Talk&Listen 2

Application Helper for simple speech synthesis and speech recognition.

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