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Chant software and services enables you to do more with Google speech technology. Start talking with your applications using Google recognizers and synthesizers in a matter of minutes. It's that easy.

Or, if you prefer, have Chant provide you the code to drop into your applications and start interacting with them with little or no effort on your part at all.

Chant application-ready class libraries simplify using the Google android.speech and android.speech.tts.

Applications can take advantage of the Chant common object framework to manage resources across different class libraries and runtimes on Android devices.

Integrate Recognition and Synthesis Faster with SpeechKit

Integrate speech recognition and synthesis faster with SpeechKit

You can easily manage recognizers within your applications using SpeechKit from Chant. Your applications can:

  • Capture spoken input as if it was typed via the keypad.
  • Select list items, click buttons, and click hypertext links by speaking instead of using a mouse.
  • Simulate keypad input and screen taps.
  • Recognize spoken languages supported by recognizers.

You can easily manage synthesizers within your applications using SpeechKit from Chant. Your applications can:

  • Synthesize speech from anywhere within your application.
  • Easily enumerate and select a voice.
  • Easily adjust the spoken output speed and pitch.
  • Synthesize text for live playback or streaming to files.
  • Process requests synchronously or asynchronously.

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