Chant Company News

Chant Develops Framework to Master the Art of Conversation with VoiceXML
Chant VoiceXMLKit enables rapid development and dynamic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications.

Chant Develops Framework to Humanize Application User Interfaces
Chant KinectKit extends Microsoft Kinect for Windows and Natural User Interface API (NAPI).

Chant Updates Application Development Framework with Latest Microsoft Speech Platform
Developer Workbench 2011 expands support for Microsoft Speech Platform V11.

Latest Developer Toolset from Chant Accelerates Speech Integration
Developer Workbench 2011 has essential tools and components for voice-enabled applications.

Chant Enables Mobile Web Applications to Speak and Listen
New components accelerate development of speech enabled mobile web applications.

Chant 64-bit Component Libraries Speech-Enable 64-bit Applications
New 64-bit component libraries accerate simplifies localizing pronunciations with lexicon management software.

Tailor Synthesis and Enhance Recognition with LexiconKit
Chant simplifies localizing pronunciations with lexicon management software.

Better Sounding Speech Synthesis with VoiceMarkupKit
Chant simplifies markup management with TTS markup languages.

UI-less, Hands Free, Mobile Speaker Training with ProfileKit
Chant liberates profile management for speech recognition applications.

Dynamic, Syntax-independent Grammars with GrammarKit
Chant simplifies dynamic grammar construction for speech recognition applications.

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