Chant Speech Manager Untangles Complex Application Processing Scenarios

New component simplifies things to: Create, Schedule, Delete, Repeat

Los Angeles, California, December 14, 2021—Chant Inc., a leading independent software vendor of speech technology tools, today announced Speech Manager that enables applications to easily create and schedule speech processing requests.

Now developers have the ability to quickly and easily generate and manage speech processings with a few lines of code. Speech Manager provides high-value capabilities that leverage Acapela, CereProc, Cepstral, Microsoft, and Nuance speech technologies.

Some applications do not require access to the extensive features offered by speech technology SDKs and Chant product class libraries. Chant Application Helpers offer a way to leverage specific capabilities without having to master the low-level details of SDKs or implement complex application architectures. Powerful new capabilities can be integrated in many cases with only one new line of code.

"This latest Chant Application Helper—Speech Manager—is a revelation for many application developers," said John Earle, president and founder of Chant Inc. "App scenarios of all kinds can be addressed by developers who can integrate complex capabilities with as little as a single line of code and don't have to worry about a lot of issues."

With Speech Manger, requests are created, scheduled, and destroyed. A request is created with optional parameters that specify the details for transcription or synthesis. Once a request is created, it can be managed with various priorities.

Speech Manager classes libraries are available for C++, C++Builder, Delphi, Java, C#, and VB .NET Windows applications.

US Pricing and Availability

Chant Application Helpers: Audio Search, Speech Manager, and Talk&Listen are included in Chant Developer Workbench 2021 with new user pricing of $999. For more information about features and pricing, visit

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