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The Chant Knowledge Base is a repository of articles to help you find the answers to your questions, discover how to do things, and determine how to resolve problems.


The number of FAQs in the Knowledge Base is: 105. The last three updated FAQ articles are as follows:

Developer Workbench Release Notes
Get the latest build of Chant Developer Workbench to create, edit, and test grammars, lexicons, profiles, text-to-speech markup, and VoiceXML.

VoiceXMLKit Release Notes
Get the latest build of VoiceXMLKit for mastering the art of conversations.

VoiceMarkupKit Release Notes
Get the latest build of VoiceMarkupKit to adjust the speed, add pauses, inject emphasis, and switch voices in desktop and embedded applications.

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The number of HowTos in the Knowledge Base is: 231. The last three updated HowTo articles are as follows:

How do I develop applications with Visual Studio 2017, RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo, and JDK (Eclipse, NetBeans, et. al.)?
Explore the new Visual Studio, RAD Studio, and JDK (Eclipse, NetBeans, et. al.) sample projects for rapid application development.

How do I develop Microsoft HoloLens apps that speak and listen?
You can develop Microsoft HoloLens applications that speak and listen with SpeechKit.

How do I use manage pronunciations using dictionaries for Nuance VoCon speech recognition?
VoCon dictionaries provide a way to aggregate pronunciations for grammar compilation and context instantiation.

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The number of PRBs in the Knowledge Base is: 375. The last three updated PRB articles are as follows:

Unable to add child elements to Phrase and Optional Phrase elements
Phrase and Optional Phrase elements support many child elements in speech recognition grammars.

Enabling a grammar defined from a source string fails
Grammars defined by passing a source string rather than file path fail to enable.

Stopping VoiceXML document crashes CDW
Using CDW to test a VoiceXML file crashes when stopping the document.

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