Design grammars for optimal context-free speech recognition with GrammarKit 5

GrammarKit 5

Design grammars for high-performance recognition.

USD $499 »

Build humanlike interfaces for natural user experience with KinesicsKit 3

KinesicsKit 3

Track movement with humanlike interfaces for data processing and data entry.

USD $499 »

Manage lexicons for optimal recognition and synthesis with LexiconKit 5

LexiconKit 5

Tailor pronunciations for maximum clarity.

USD $499 »

Manage speaker profiles for optimal speech recognition with ProfileKit 5

ProfileKit 5

Administer speaker profiles for accurate recognition.

USD $499 »

Integrate speech recognition and speech synthesis with SpeechKit 8

SpeechKit 8

Integrate speech technology for hands-free operation.

USD $499 »

Fine tune speech synthesis using text markup with VoiceMarkupKit 5

VoiceMarkupKit 5

Fine-tune speech synthesis with text markup.

USD $499 »

Upgrade to VoiceXMLKit 2

VoiceXMLKit 2

Win over your audience with enriched communications.

USD $499 »

Develop software that speaks and listens with Chant Developer Workbench 2016

Chant Developer Workbench

Interactive development and testing toolset.

USD $999 »