Tailor Pronunciations for Maximum Clarity

Chant LexiconKit

No matter how you slice it, a tomato is just a tomato. However, your end users—customers and clients—may be partial to their kind of tomato. Your applications need to accommodate and adjust to their manner of speaking when recognizing and synthesizing.

A lexicon is a collection of word pronunciations that a speech recognition engine (i.e., recognizer) uses to improve recognition accuracy and a speech synthesis engine (i.e., synthesizer) uses to enhance the quality of its pronunciation.

Lexicons play an important role in the accuracy of speech recognition. A speech recognition engine (i.e., recognizer) uses lexicons in the process of recognizing speech. Lexicons consist of the words that a recognizer understands and returns as recognized speech. Since it's impractical for a recognizer to maintain every possible word and context in its spoken language, you enhance the accuracy of speech recognition by extending its lexicon.

Lexicons play an important role in the quality of text-to-speech playback. A text-to-speech engine (i.e., synthesizer) uses lexicons to obtain pronunciation information associated with words to generate the appropriate speech sounds for the word. For example, with a lexicon you may ensure "record" is pronounced correctly when used as a noun and when used as a verb.

What is Lexicon Management?

Lexicon management enables you to:

  • tailor pronunciations to specific end user preferences.
  • extend recognizer and synthezizer lexicons, and
  • create, delete, edit, import, and export lexicons as part of your deployed applications.

Application benefits include:

  • improved speech recognition accuracy and
  • enhanced speech synthesis clarity.

What is LexiconKit?

Chant LexiconKit handles the complexities of managing lexicons and persisting them in files for deployment and installation.

The LexiconKit class library includes a lexicon management class that provides you a simple way to create, edit, export, and import lexicon word pronunciations. Your application can edit lexicons as part of its runtime operation to enable real-time customization and tailoring of your speech recognition and speech synthesis environment.

It simplifies the process of managing word pronunciations for Cepstral Swift API, Microsoft SAPI 5, Microsoft Speech Platform, and Nuance Vocalizer and VoCon API lexicon formats to use with your favorite speech recognizers and synthesizers.

LexiconKit includes C++, C++Builder, Delphi, Java, .NET Framework, and Silverlight class library formats to support all your programming languages and sample projects for popular IDEs—such as the latest Visual Studio from Microsoft and RAD Studio from Embarcadero.

The class libraries can be integrated with 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

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