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Movement Management Component Architecture

The KinectKit component library includes a movement management class that provides you a simple way to track and map movement with Microsoft Kinect sensors.

The movement management class, ChantKM, enables you to start and stop color, depth, skeleton, and audio data collection with Microsoft Kinect sensors. Your application can also use the KinectSensor and adjunct classes to manage low-level functions if desired.

With the ChantKM class, you can detect movement, process color, depth, and skeleton data, and record audio to a file. Your application uses the ChantKM class to manage the activities for interacting with the Microsoft Kinect sensor on behalf of your application. The ChantKM class manages the resources and interacts directly with the Natural User Interface API (NAPI) runtime.

Your application receives status notifications through event callbacks.

Speech recognition and synthesis are supported with the SpeechKit ChantSR and ChantTTS classes. See SpeechKit for more information about integrating speech technology.

KinectKit Architecture for Movement Management

The ChantKM class encapsulates the NAPI functions to make the process of tracking movement with Microsoft Kinect sensors simple and efficient for your application.

The ChantKM class simplifies the process of managing Microsoft Kinect sensors by handling the low-level activities directly with the sensor.

You instantiate a ChantKM class object before you want to start tracking movement within your application. You destroy the ChantKM class object and release its resources when you no longer want to track movement within your application.

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